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Experience the thrill of Viplex, the mind sharpening board game. Challenge your brain!

About us

Walceselry is a startup company dedicated to producing and manufacturing unique board games. We would like to represent you "Viplex" - a mind developing game. If you are also bored of playing same games for a long time, maybe it is time to change your way of entertainment. By playing "Viplex" you will not only have fun, but also you will improve your IQ.

viplex board game
viplex board game

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What makes us unique

viplex game board
viplex game board
The Idea
Design and Production

The game idea belongs to one of our teammates. What makes it better than other games is that this game is not designed to kill your time but to develop your intelligence.

Design of the product and the production process is done by our team (The cutting, construction and making final product).

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